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A Solid Approach

At IYF companion parrot magazine, we believe in offering well-researched, factual, how-to information to better the lives of our companion parrots/pet birds. IYF puts health ahead of frivolity when preparing meaningful content to help you take better care of your precious pets. We offer fun in limited quantity because you didn’t come here to waste time on games; you came here because you want to improve the health and welfare of your beloved birds.

So do we.

Quality Over Quantity

In Your Flock is published quarterly.

We believe in honoring the unique “birdonalities” of different species and individual parrots we write about. The topics we cover and the information we bring you deserves the research and care we put into each edition of the magazine. We’re proud of the time, energy and professional work we put into the products (books, magazines, online courses) we provide you—the reader and bird owner.

Our Bird-Centric Services

In Your Flock Magazine

The heart and soul of this IYF page is the magazine, of course. Readers can subscribe through the IYF store. Bird store managers who would like to sell copies over-the-counter should contact the publisher (Sandy Lender) to receive approval before placing an order. We are picky about who gets to represent our magazine.

Squawk of the Week

The free Squawk of the Week email is a tip we send out each Thursday morning. We call it “Top Squawk” and it’s a quick-and-simple idea to help you do something new or healthy or exciting or extra safe for your feathered friends. It’s not only a free tip each week, it’s a quick bit of motivation to keep you and your bird interacting. It includes sharing buttons so you don’t have to cut-n-paste to include any ideas you really like in groups where you help other bird fanatics.

The Squawk of the Week is also how we currently deliver the digital version of the magazine each quarter to those readers who have requested the digital format with their print subscription. This requires you to provide your email address, but don’t worry! No spam. Just one quick tip each Thursday.

Feather Facts

Order the set of 40 Feather Facts, available in jpeg format for easy use on social media platforms or in digital newsletters.

Online course

Available thru the platform with a 15-day refund policy

It’s not how to train your bird: it’s how to train YOU! Learn back-to-basics tips and best practices for providing a great environment in which your feathered friend can flourish—with you. Visit the Sandy Lender Ink page on the Teachable platform to preview one of the lessons for free, and to read up on what How to Care for Your Pet Bird can offer you and your companion.

Our Other Parrot Publications

Kelsey DayBeginning in 2018, IYF Publishing is releasing additional publications to the avian community. Our first offering is a novel by Author Kelsey Day that features a woman who must protect a pet bird during domestic abuse trials and tribulations. Soon to be available through multiple channels, She’s Not Broken has started on the lulu platform.


Christa Grant

Have you heard of the companion parrot magazine called In Your Flock? It is the online and print magazine that’s here to help educate about all things parrot from health, behavior and everything in between. It is produced with love by Sandy Lender. Her dedication to improving parrot lives is evident with this project. She produces this publication all on her own. I enjoying working with her to help spread knowledge. Join with me to support In Your Flock! Sign up here to get your White Wings Farm email and special deal for In your flock supporters.

Laura Crawford

In Your Flock magazine, is THE magazine for bird owners! The articles are balanced, concise and chock-full of information you can use to improve the lives of you and your bird.”


Editor Sandy Lender gives a presentation on online marketing at the World of Asphalt conference.

Sandy Lender Ink is an editing, copywriting, publishing, and marketing powerhouse for online, print, and in-person presentations. With a 26-year career in publishing and journalism, the proprietor, public speaker and published author, Sandy Lender, brings communication excellence to each product offering of the small business.

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You can access Sandy’s published novels at her Amazon author page