Adopt Me Department

Does your rehoming facility/rescue center/sanctuary have a number of parrots ready for adoption? The “Adopt Me” column in the print publication gives you a free forum to highlight one of those adorable birds. There is a questionnaire to complete, and you must submit a high-resolution image of the bird. Visit with our publisher, Sandy Lender, to discuss how you can feature one of your birds.

As the magazine continues to grow, we’ll show off some of the parrots who have been highlighted in the Adopt Me department in the past and who have gone on to great “forever” homes. For the past couple of years, it’s been difficult to find rescues that have been willing to fill out the questionnaire and share an adoptable bird with the readers. If you have a willingness to promote your facility and help your birds find new loving homes, let’s get together on this good, positive endeavor. (It’s free.)

Final Flappery

Members of the avian community write in with an editorial message salient to the issue’s theme.

From Petri’s Kitchen

Do you have a healthy recipe that you prepare for your birds? The “From Petri’s Kitchen” department is where you could make your recipe famous! Visit with out publisher, Sandy Lender, to discuss how you can share your good ideas for the betterment of all pet birds.


The HealthyParrot.Pet department in the print magazine also has a page on this site because we believe health information should be available to everyone, whether you’re a paid subscriber to the magazine or not. Avian veterinarians are welcome to advertise on the HealthyParrot.Pet spread in the magazine for a reduced rate.

Legislative Look

With the number of legislative issues threatening parrot ownership at local, state, and international levels, it behooves us to watch for changes that criminalize our pet choices. Whether you run a sanctuary with 75 birds, or love and care for a single Monk parakeet in your home, you won’t know when new ordinances have put you in violation of the law unless you’re keeping an eye on legislative issues with our legislative look.

Parrot Reviews

From books to movies, we review items that could be of interest to bird owners. Once in a while we’ll come across a new parrot product that deserves special recognition, but this department is typically reserved for informational/educational/entertaining books and research. If you are a publicist, contact Sandy Lender with your client’s press release and book synopsis for consideration of a review.

Shades of Grey

One of the most popular pet birds is the African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus), so we’ve devoted a department in the magazine to topics that apply directly to this species’ care and upbringing.

Spice of the Month

In each issue, we highlight a spice (or an herb) that you might be tempted to include in one of your homemade recipes. Let’s make sure it’s okay for your parrot first!

That’s a Good Idea

Tips and tricks to keep our birds entertained are always in high demand. So we set aside a department to share at least one good idea in each issue of the magazine. It’s just something sweet & simple you can implement at home.

What Perseverance Ponders…

We can’t be ALL work and no play! This fun department takes almost two-thirds of a page in each issue to delight readers with the antics of a Spectacled Amazon named Perseverance (Percy, for short) who sends emails during the day while her favorite human is at work. Percy thinks she rules the roost…as most of our parrots do.

You May Have Heard…

This is the department where you can provide the information. News, oddities, announcements fit here. If you have news and pictures to share, contact Sandy Lender to let her know. Pictures must be in high resolution jpeg format to be included in the print magazine.