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By Erica Wrightson

Air quality is always a hot topic of conversation, though rarely in the context of our pets and how it affects their health. Birds in particular have highly delicate immune systems and efficient respiratory systems—they are affected deeply and quickly when pollutants enter the environment—so pristine air is key for our feathered friends living indoors. In the wild, birds have the freedom to breathe fresh air, but in our homes they can be exposed to a plethora of toxins that can be harmful to their health.

The spectrum of harmful products in the home can be surprising to those of us who don’t suffer from our own allergies and sensitivities. Pollutants produced from off gassing from new furniture and carpets; wood stoves, heaters, and hair dryers; Teflon from nonstick pans and irons; tobacco products; aerosols from hairspray, deodorant, and perfume; incense, scented candles, and air fresheners all contaminate living spaces and should be filtered out to protect sensitive birds. For those of us who suffer from allergies and asthma, it might not be a surprise that the contamination goes both ways; dander and keratin powder from bird feathers can irritate our lungs. It’s important to rid the air of pollutants produced by both human and animal lifestyles.

Removing these invisible toxins can seem daunting. Using fewer harmful cleaning products and vacuuming and dusting the home more often can definitely help reduce them. For a more permanent solution, install an unobtrusive always-running machine in your home to monitor the air quality. Air purifiers, particularly those with HEPA filtration systems, are an accurate and sustainable way to achieve clean air indoors. Without putting additional chemicals and deodorizers into the air, purifiers like those made by Los Angeles–based Rabbit Air take in the dander and volatile organic compounds and leave the pure stuff for the birds. Rabbit Air Purifiers are incredibly quiet—even while hard at work day and night checking and correcting the air quality, they won’t disturb your bird. Their HEPA filters remove extremely tiny particles—even the finest dander—and can be cleaned or replaced easily for convenient maintenance.

Creating a safe and healthy environment for your pets naturally means a healthy home for you, too. Eliminating the particles and fumes produced by our daily lives in the home is a simple and manageable step towards a better life. For more information about Rabbit Air Purifiers, particularly those tailored to bird owners, visit RabbitAir.

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